Wednesday, September 9, 2009

"ALWAYS" brand Maxi Pads Gets With The Program

Always has come out with a new line of maxi pads called "Infinity" (like the car, but they get less mileage) and their whole pitch for the product is "MAGIC" -- maybe I'm making a leap here, but I notice and appreciate the relation to magic in, on, and around the crotchal region.

So observant and appreciative of it am I, I wrote a whole rap ballad about it. Some of you may be
familiar with the OLD version / video but DID YOU KNOW? My Pu$$y Is Magic was remixed about a year ago by Misha Volf (and is on my latest CD, "I WANNA BE FAMOUS") and a new
video was produced by Brown Eyed Boy Productions for their British television pilot (you can say "pussy" on TV in Great Britain, which is just one more thing that makes Britain earn that "Great" prefix) "Laughtershock" in Scotland last month while I was there for Edinburgh Fringe Festival / touring the UK.

It's not online yet, however, it will be like, TOMORROW. But if you want to see it TODAY, come to SKITS'N'TITS tonite and see it's NYC debut presentation. 308 Bowery, 10 PM, 5 dizzys at the door.

If you wanna see just what the whatevers I'm talking about with this Always / Infinity / Magic shimmy shammy,
just click here to see their version of the magic poonani video.

Someone should really harness the marketing powers of this brain, and by "this" brain, I mean "my" brain -- I connected magic to vaginas years ago. I will monitor my mailbox for the next few days to see if my check arrives from Always. After that, I'm giving up, because it was probably lost in the mail.

In other news, here's a great little interview piece that came out a few days ago on STILETTO -- HIGH HEELS FOR THE MIND featuring one Ms. Jessica Delfino, aka me. Not only is this a well-written article, but this whole blog is great -- some might call feminist but I just call it pretty awesome. I read the whole thing in one sitting and wished for more. I'm looking forward to future entries.

Are you on Twitter? I am. I am slightly embarrassed -- nay, fudge that -- I'm proud to say that Twitter has grown on me and now I Twatter every day. Twat was that? You want to Twit along with me? Join in the good times --

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