Friday, September 11, 2009


While I was in Scotland, a gang of surly men known as the "Brown Eyed Boy" crew came along to my
show one night and told me they wanted me to be in their show, "Laughtershock", a pilot they were
filming for the BBC.

I fell in love with them all for being feminist men just crazy enough to dedicate their lives to putting
comedy taken to the next level on TV. In Britain, you can say PUSSY on TV and that, to me, is simply
titillating. (And to them!)

Anyway, BACK TO THE STORY -- we filmed a new super pro version of "My Pu$$y Is Magic" for their
TV show pilot. I love my old video too, directed by Matt Davis (MAD TV, Human Giant) but this was
THEIR show so they wanted to make THEIR OWN video, and the song has been remixed and remastered
since the old "My Pussy Is Magic" video came out, so we made a new video to match the new, shorter
(TV and radio approved length) and tighter song (mixed by Misha Volf in Brooklyn, NY).

The NEW VIDEO will be unveiled THIS WEEK -- I'm having a little bit of technical difficulty but check back
in a few days. I'll also post a blog update on Facebook and Twitter, so join my fan page, friend me on Facebook
or follow me on Twitter to get the latest updates. I'm a tech nerd and social networking junky so I'm always
up in that shit.

The CD, by the way, which the new song is on, is called "I Wanna Be Famous". A picture of it is below.
If you'd like to buy the CD, the best way to do it is an old-fashioned way -- paypal $12 to
(if you're in America, $15 if you're overseas).

It's a 2 CD disc in a full color case with a full color poster. It's beautiful and I designed it myself. Even hard, cold
meanies have told me it's one of the most beautiful packages they've ever seen. And they are running out so get
yours before they are gone forever. The CD will be re-distributed by a different company at some point, but the
package will never be replicated so this is a LIMITED EDITION.

And here's something fun -- a classic, clunky but lovable comedy set by me at an Edinburgh Fringe Preview Show featuring the flying V ukulele hits, "A Stranger's Cock", "Classified Ass" (a song which I wrote about searching for love on the internet), and rape whistle song, "The Rape Whistle Song". (You can't really hear the ukulele that well because it's not plugged in. I didn't even know they were filming this show!)

Jessica, where are you going to be next, you ask? Great question. Look to the right column to see where my next show will be, or sign up to be on my monthly mailing list at This Tuesday, listen while I reveal my dark past and tell stories of go-go dancing through college on Sara Benincasa's "Get In Bed" show on Sirius Cosmo 111. I also have a big show coming up in November as part of ANT Fest at ARS NOVA and of course, there's the terrific monthly Skits'N'Tits I co-produce with Diane O'Debra & Steph Sabelli. Look for our pretty picture in the Sept. 17th print edition of Time Out NY! I'm doing a big US tour in March with Ben Lerman and I'm pretty excited about that. I will totes def keep you posted on more as we go, as I always do. Bye!

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