Sunday, September 20, 2009


What? It's true! Ben Lerman is going to do an hour long ukulele music show at Ars Nova THIS THURSDAY at 8 PM. Do not miss it! Wish you'd been at his Edinburgh show but couldn't scrape together the $1000 or so bones it would have cost to make it all go down?

Fear not. For $15, you can see Ben's show here in NYC!

And here's a bonus -- it's his BIRTHDAY on Thursday, so it's gonna be pretty sweet. The first person to email me at will get 2 free tickets to the show. Email me at with the subject: BEN LERMAN'S SHOW.

You can buy tickets HERE

Then click here to get a free drink at the show(which practically covers the cost of the show ticket!!)

Wanna know more information about Ben? No problem! Click THIS one!

Ben Lerman is Jessica Delfino approved but don't take my word for it, check this video out yourself on Rooftop Films and decide for YOURSELF!

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