Monday, October 12, 2009


I had a super nutso day the other day. For starters, I had an audition that was exactly like
a snap shot from Central Casting. There was a "one of everything", like The Breakfast Club.
A nerdy dude, a model chick, a grungy crunchy hippy fella, a big muscly guy, a cute asian,
and me. I guess that makes me the freak.

Later I ran into Tekserve to run a quick errand and on my way out, I stopped to pin a couple
flyers to the bulletin board for my upcoming ARS NOVA show NOVEMBER 12th. (Shame-filled hint / plug -- get your ticket today, this show will sell out, sorta like myself, eventually)

So there I am, plugging my flyer onto the board when I look down and see a man hand dropping
a small handful of those "Dan Smith Will Teach You Guitar" flyers. I follow the man hand up to see
none other than Dan Smith!

This may not seem like such a huge deal to anyone else, but when I moved to NYC 8 years ago, one
of the first things I saw was the "Dan Smith Will Teach You Guitar" flyers. I've been continuing to
see them everywhere for the entire rest of the time I've been here, so when I actually saw THE Dan
Smith (I knew it was him because his picture is on the flyers) it was like a celebrity sighting. I
feel like I practically KNOW the guy.

I was like, "are you THE Dan Smith?" and he was like, "Yeah" and I was like, "Woah, crazy!" He shook
my hand and was really polite, just like the kind of interaction you'd like to have with a celebrity.

Maybe I should take guitar lessons. I really can't play anyway. I've just been pretending for the past 10 years.
A few people have noticed, but most just get hung up on my candy sweet voice and my fun lyrics, which is
fine with me.

And if you've never heard my candy sweet voice or fun lyrics, you have a few chances this week:

Tonight at 8 PM at Sage Theater, 711 7th Ave at 46th St., I'll be playing as part of the "Bunch of 5 Telling Stories" series. If you
want to hear some gripping, heart wrenching, funny, blind siding tales, come to this thing. Last time I
heard Joseph Limone and Brendan Connellan telling stories, and both were fun, funny, stirring and
intriguing. But specifically, Joseph's stories of almost dying had me on the edge of my seat, wondering,
"Does he live? Does he make it?" forgetting he's in front of me telling the story, so, like, yeah, dude.
He makes it.

And don't forget Skits'N'Tits THIS WED at 10 PM. Comedy+burlesque+rock'n'roll featuring Diane O'Debra, Steph Sabelli and myself, Shappy hosts, new videos, new sketches, boobies, stand up comedy, music at midnight from Dr. Steam Whipple and Triage and more. 308 Bowery at 1st St, NYC. Don't miss it!!

In other news, I performed at the Brick N Mortar Video Film Festival in Greenfield, MA a few days ago. It was a lovely festival that took place in several dilapidated-but-being-remodeled buildings. I wish I could have picked the whole festival up and brought it to NYC, but it is nice that such a cool thing was going on in this tiny, forgotten little Massachusetts town. And the foliage! Oh, the foliage. Special thanks to Polina Volfovich for her help in organizing my participation. She's also an amazing artist. I'll put some photos and more info up about the festival in a day or so. Too busy to do it now. Gotta run, I gotta a lot of work to do!

See ya later!

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