Friday, December 4, 2009

Oh, by the way, I lost the Miss G Train Competition...

I was knocked out in the first round. I tried to win the crowd over with a success story about how I moved out of Greenpoint and didn't ever have to ride the G train anymore, but they weren't really havin' it.

But I did get a little bit of press out of the deal. Here's an NY Post piece, which uses nearly my
entire submission entry (it's true, I did get eliminated in the first round).

Here they mention me again in the Greenpoint News.

Here's a Village Voice slideshow where I look psychotic -- I filmed a movie with Victor Varnado and crew all day the day of the competition, and literally raced from the shoot to the Miss G Train competition without even being able to get my outfit or anything I had planned to wear in the contest. I was stuck wearing the outfit I wore in the movie, which was that of a really idiotic drug dealer's assistant named Dunce.

My Lower East Side lease runs out at the end of December, and I'm considering moving back to Brooklyn. So, perhaps next year I'll return to the Miss G Train competition and win 'em back.

All the finalists, only one of them, me.

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