Saturday, January 2, 2010


For starters, this very cool and fanciful website I like, "Funny Not Slutty", is relaunching with lots of comedy gold to observe, share and indulge in, including a comedy pal Marina Franklin, and also, me-self. My new "Magic" video graces the front page, including a short essay about the making of the video. Click on the image above, or HERE to check it out. And don't forget to comment, share and give out a cyber pat on the back. It costs you nothing and believe it or not, helps me greatly, from not being homeless to myriad other ways. So, thank you!

Also, lots of SONG of the MONTH club memberships are coming in! Thanks for joining. Help spread the word and join yourself if you haven't already, by emailing with SONG OF THE MONTH in the subject. To see the the benefits of joining, click HERE.

I've got some really great shows coming up, including 50 First Jokes on Jan 5, 730 pm at Webster Hall, NYC, where 50 comedians will perform their FIRST bits of 2010. More info to the right hand column of this very blog (simply divert your eyes to the right). This show will sell out if it hasn't already. Be there to celebrate!

Finally, talk to me. In the spooky but enchanting words of Information Society "I wanna know...what you're feeling. Tell me what is on your mind." Leave a comment below. Tell me your resolutions, funny things that happened to you, memories from when you were a child, how many boys or girls you've kissed this past week. Sharing is caring, so share away!

And if you're not familiar with the reference above, watch and learn!

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