Tuesday, February 2, 2010

and a few additional musings

Goth as Fu*% was a great little show, too bad the audience that was supposed to be there pussied out because of the cold weather, or maybe they just weren't goth enough. But the ones who did make it were really enthusiastic and good looking. On the way to shoot a video yesterday, I discovered a large gold metallic cross in the garbage at a church and it became part of the night. It was truly a sight to behold. In case you missed that, I'm going to write it again -- I found a cross in the garbage in front of a church. The symbolism and meaning I could dig out of that one is a whole other blog entry. 

Try Cry Try were amazing, gothin' it up with their gothy rock which was somewhat reminiscent to me of Haunted Pussy.

Jena Friedman popped in with a dark little comedy set and saved the day after another performer had to cancel. 

Dame Darcy was amazing as always, with her creepy witch ritual and her red, red rose song. 

Miss Em

And the burlesquers were really terrific gothified beauties -- Miss Em on fire breathing and Gal Friday with cutting her mouth stitches open and bleeding into a bucket. It was really amazing!! 

Gal Friday

This morning I got up early-ish and went to go shoot a comedy sketch video with friends over in the East Village. It was so cold, I cried the whole way there. When I ride my bike, tears stream down my face because the wind gets all up in my eye ball holes and also because I think there might be something wrong with my tear ducts that makes me cry uncontrollably when I ride my bike and when I get my period and stuff. I rode my bike against the crisp ass air anyway, and got there, luckily, in one piece. As I locked my wheels up, I felt thankful for one more safe bike ride on the mean, mean streets of NYC.

The video shoot went well and if all goes right, I'll have something to post here for you in the next week or so. 

I also shot a video yesterday (Sunday) on Rivington Street with Joel Schlemowitz, it was a very strange little video about sitting in a parlor, listening to records on the Victrola and doing old timey fun things, like staring into a stereoscope or whatever they're called; back in the olden days people used to have these old "futuristic" eye-glass looking things wherein you could stick photo slates of two identical pictures, side by side, and the two of them viewed through the lens made it go 3-D. I'd never heard of or seen the thing before and was excited to get to experience this old timey modern futuristic-y 3-D device. It was basically like the first ever view-master. 

photo of Stereoscope, borrowed from someone's website
(thank you, stranger)

The video is showing this Thursday at an art show closing alongside other videos, Thursday Feb 4, 6 pm - 9 pm at 42 Rivington St. 

I'm going to be on Keith and the Girl podcast tomorrow. If you haven't heard of Keith and the Girl, uhhh, run, don't walk to your nearest computer and check that shit out.

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