Tuesday, February 2, 2010


This podcast featuring Keith Malley & Chemda is a really fun show with great, very funny guests. Keith and Chemda are also really entertaining and funny -- a real life couple, they talk about their lives and b.s. about current news topics and goings on with guests and each other.

They wrote a sex book which I read some of, it is really funny, well-written and frank. You can check out a FREE chapter of the book HERE. If you enjoy it, pre-order a copy. They're good, cool people and they wrote a good, funny book, so buy it. If you're one of those people who likes to read but hates books now, get one for your modern fancy eyeball tablet science-y assistant book-like machine.

You can listen to the podcast live, today, online at 4:30ish PM, at KATG.com. You can also listen online later around 6 or 7 PM if you miss it live. So do this! PS -- I will be debuting a new song today on the show on the theme of UFOs. See ya soon!

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