Wednesday, February 10, 2010

MTA Update & Tips

For those of you bold enough to put mother nature in a head-lock and hustle onward to our little Skits'N'Tits show, we salute you. I grew up in Maine and we used to get days like this "off", and we would spend them scurrying around the yard, making snow angels and rolling down hills. We would play until we couldn't feel our feet any more; go inside and warm up for 10 minutes and then head back out to play until the early sunset took our light away. And then we'd keep playing until my mom yelled for us to get in that G * D house before she kicked our asses for us. 

It is looking pretty gnarly town outside as of right now. I see nary a car on the street, and about a handful of humans, standing around, staring at the ground and then the sky, in disbelief at this life halting white shit. Looking out my window, the snow turns NYC into a sepia tone photographs from the early 1900s. 

The MTA says that due to the crazy blizzard of twenty ten:
  • AEDFNQ34 trains may run local for portions of their route.
  • G service between Court Sq and 71-Continental Aves. will be suspended.
  • 6 service in the Bronx may be local
For the most current information, click on the Service Status box on the MTA homepage at

The F train to 2nd ave comes one block away from Bowery (if you walk to the 2nd Ave exit under ground) and the 6 goes to Bleecker Street, just a short jaunt over to 308 Bowery. Our show is scheduled to start at 10 pm, and will usually start a little late, around 10:15 as it is wont to do, but you may want to leave a little early from your house, at about 9, to get there on time. 


* put those crappy plastic grocery bags around your feet (on the outside of your socks) before you put them into your boots. this will keep your feet and socks DRY which you will LIKE.

* if bags on your feet is a no go, bring an extra pair of socks because your old ones will probs get wicked wet. while you're at it, bring an extra pair of shoes, too.

* layers! put your hot, sexy duds on which you plan to sport at the show, and then place a layer or two atop (say, a sweater or sweatshirt) and then your jacket. When you get to the show, you can take off the layers and still look all bangin'.

* GLOVES and a HAT and a SCARF. Even one of these things, like a pair of gloves can greatly increase your heat levels. hat head be damned, you can fix your hair in the bathroom mirror. bring a comb.

* umbrellers. believe it or not, they help defend you and your hair against the stinkin' snow. 

* invite your friend WITH A CAR to pick you up and drive you. offer to pay your driver's way into the show. Don't forget to buy his or her ticket in advance!

* get those little hand warmer packets and put them in your gloves. they probably sell them at the bodega or Home Depot near you.

* leave at 9 PM to get there on time.

* I will post a few other tips if I think of any. 

See ya tonight brave-y Joes and Janes!

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