Sunday, February 21, 2010


Last night I went to the Resource Magazine launch party at some spacious old photo studio high, high up above the bustling city overlooking the river that keeps New Jersey the hell away from us. It was a beautiful little shindig, replete with two loaded open bars that kept me coming back for more and more and oh, no, too much. There was also a lovely kissing booth which I thought I'd have fun with -- in the first photo, my boyfriend playfully licks my cheek while I sit aloofly roof gazing. In the next photo, I'm attacking him relentlessly, and my skirt flies up to show the viewers my panty-hose-d buttocks. 

When I came out from the booth, a balding gentleman (a dick, really) insulted me verbally for my shenanigans, and another balding gentleman apologized for finding the photograph so sexy. One man's trashiness is another man's treasure. What can I say? I like to have fun. 

A friend met us at the party but she couldn't get in, so I had to use magic powers to mind control the security guard into letting her in. The first security guard's skull was too thick for my powers to penetrate, the second's mind was like a baby egg shell that I tore apart like a ripe mango. My friend was in the elevator in moments, enjoying a chocolate covered strawberry in less than 120 seconds later. 

Maybe if I'm feeling like the captain of the ribald cheerleading team, I'll publish my photos from the kissing booth on my blog later -- tomorrow. 

For now, bedways is rightways. 

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