Monday, February 8, 2010

Tue Feb 9
7-9 PM
@ The Dressing Room
new Craftermath crafts
a new song by Jessica Delfino
new jokes by Jena Friedman
new things to share
new info: tarot readings by donation
ALSO: peruse the gorgeous racks of vintage clothing at the classy Dressing Room bar / boutique

FREE admission and cheap drinks

Even if you don't have any $ to spend on crafts, it's OK. Come have a drink, check out the new work we've been doing, meet some new people, give us feedback and learn something new this TUESDAY. 

After Craftermath, we will venture just a few blocks north where the party will continue to rage at SWEET, Seth Herzog's A+ comedy show. 

See you tomorrow!!

Jessica, Daniella, Elisa, Jenny and the rest of the gang

PS: This is where I'm going to be tonight -- TELL YOUR FRIENDS terrific show at LOLITA BAR. Cheap fun, like most of the shows I'm part of :) - click on it for the Facebook Invite!

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