Thursday, February 25, 2010


View out of my window today: 

I like that I'm audacious enough to review my own shows. Last night was a lot of fun. I'm really happy with the way the show turned out. It was kind of a quiet and internal audience, but I gave away a lot of fake penises which made people really happy (and by people, I mean women). I met some really neat people and got a fake le fleur painted onto my face by Abigail, who was really lovely with her little body painting station. A special thanks to Ann Carr, Livia Scott, Jena Friedman, Jo Boobs, Porno Jim and Victor Varnado who performed, and Steven, who turned the tables, Abigail who body painted and Kong Magazine / Adam & Steve / The Pleasure Chest for the fake penis donations. Also to everyone who came out and showed their boobs -- not the performers -- there were actual women in the audience pulling out their boobs, that is how you know it was a good time. When girls are having real fun, they often pull out their boobs. I'm just saying. It's the truth. A lot of people signed the guest list which is a good omen. 

Show rating: B+

Side note: I'm thinking of changing the name and format of the show. Naughty Nautical Nite was Dame Darcy and my show, but now Darcy has moved and I think I want to switch it up a little. I want to have it be more straight comedic performance (comedians, musicians, etc.) like it always is, but without any nautical pretense. I like themes though. I think I'm going to go in a new direction. Feedback? Suggestions? Ideas? Wanna hop on board? You know what to do. 

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