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SONG OF THE MONTH CLUB - February - I Wanna Be A Unicorn
The Week Magazine Is So The Bomb!

It's February, and I'm going to present to you February's SONG OF THE MONTH today! That's right! Today! I like this one a lot and I hope you enjoy it, too. To hear the Feb SONG OF THE MONTH, it is on So please click that link and go there.

As an added bonus -- and I never do this -- you can download the song there, free. I just ask that if you like the song and listen to it a lot, feel free to drop a little paypal donation to me of one stinkin' buck, which you can do at Or buy a CD. You can buy a CD by paypalling me $10 smackers or you can buy CDs now at my REVERB NATION page

Often times, people email me or FB / Myspace message me and ask me to send them lyrics to my songs. That is one reason why, in my latest CD, "I Wanna Be Famous", I included all of the songs' lyrics. Below are the lyrics to my new song, "I Wanna Be A Unicorn." Enjoy!


When I was a little girl, my parents said to me, GIRL!
You can be anything that you want to be.
So what ya gonna do? Doctor? Lawyer? Please, no porn!
I said, NO! I wanna be a unicorn!

I wanna be a unicorn, when I'm big
I'll trot around the fields like unicorns before me did
I'll be all white -- from head to toe
I'll shoot magic rays out of my horn at my foes

I'm gonna be a unicorn, when I'm big
I'll trot around the fields like unicorns before me did
I'll do a little dance, and I'll neigh at the moon
and I won't let regular horses near my unipoon.

(I'm gonna save that sh!t for a pegasus!) 

They said, well, you can't be a unicorn, and I said, HEY!
You said - I could be anything! Please don't stand in my way!
They said, You don't understand, it's not a good career move.
I said, don't tell me what to do! I want to be, I'm going to 

Be a unicorn when I'm done with school
I'll head straight to my magical kingdom to rule
I'll get a fancy comb and have a princess brush my hair
and I'll live my life all freely, without a care

I won't have to pay any unicorn bills
I won't have any rent because I'll live in the hills
I wont have any reason to take any pills
because, unicorns don't get no ills

Break it down, harp! (harp solo)

I wanna be a unicorn when I'm all mature
In unicorn land we ain't got no war
The unicorns are busy hanging out with the gnomes
uni-taxi-ing woodland creatures to their homes

Everyone is friends, it's a utopia
There's no politics or corporations to screw ya
So please mom and dad, won't ya save the scorn
I've made up my mind, I'm gonna be a unicorn!

If all this unicorn business is too much for ya, check out the slightly more serious item, below.

I've been going on and on about The Week magazine for years. If you've heard me before, you can just click the link above and listen to the unicorn song now. 

If you haven't, this magazine The Week is simply put, just great. First of all, I don't love to read (read: I don't have a lot of free time nor ride the subway often), but I like to be informed. The Week takes care of both issues, making me not have to read a lot -- most issues are about 20 pages long; and they compile news from hundreds of sources, giving you the headlines of the week and breaking down the hits of what all the different papers had to say about them. It's like reading a salad of major news sources in one sitting. 

Comedians enjoy the week because they can get lots of material for monologue jokes without having to read 14 different rags. 

Plus the writing has a sassy slant and sense of humor to it that I appreciate. 

In today's WEEK email blast, I got a little caught up in one particular item: A girl who lives far away from here is getting plastic surgery to look exactly like Jessica Alba so that her ex-boyfriend will take her back. It was actually what her friends recommended, according to the video, "This Is Genius" that accompanied it. Check this fascinating news item, and The Week out HERE.

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