Saturday, April 17, 2010

FUN FILLED WEEK holy shazam
and good stuff on the horizon, too

This week has really been something else, jam packed with a varied, eclectic and sparkly collection of shows, including Literary Death Match, Skits'N'Tits and Keith & The Girl's Keith's Annual Birthday Show, Match Game & Bingo and culminating this Sunday with Deep Traffic at The Magnet Theater.

Literary Death Match at Piano's was wicked fun. Care for a run down? Click this beeyotch right here. 

Skits'N'Tits was the most packed ever, thanks in part surely to Michael Musto's sweet plug on his Village Voice blog and the slew of KATG folks in town for Keith's birthday show and the other events. We actually had people waiting in a line for people to leave so they could then get in. That's the kind of show we run, peeps! The next Skits'N'Tits is Wednesday, May 12th so get your $5 tickets in advance or pay $8 at the door, but either way, be there. At the last show, we gave away 2 PBR lights which were awesome! And 2 pairs of Lamia Design's amazing halfsie gloves that retail for over $100 at Henry Bendel. Come next month and see what amazing things we've got up our sleeves or in our pantaloons. 

I tended bar last night at the Match Game and I don't mean to brag but I poured a mean "Hulk Juice" (ten parts vodka, 1/2 parts Mountain Dew) and by poured, I mean, literally pushed the spout button on the cooler. Diane O'Debra and I were swingin' behind the bar, a killer tag team assuring that all the mouths and stomachs in the house were gulping down goblets of green stuff. Didja like my alliteration there? I did. 

Yeah, I was wearing a crazy hat -- crazy awesome, that is, hand made by my amazing milliner friend Cha Cha of Cha Cha's House of Ill Repute. What about it? I'm fashionable, dammit. 

diet coke and red wine, not a good combo

Deep Traffic is my friend Adam Lerman's show and he's really something else. The kid has friends in the freezer and keeps meat in his pockets. You have to see his show or you're going to be disappointing society and hurting all of humanity. 

Sunday, April 18
Deep Traffic
@ The Magnet Theater
254 W. 29th btw 7th and 8th Aves
8 PM sharpsies

Finally, do not miss the BESTIES show next Thursday, April 22 at The Slipper Room, 167 Orchard St.,  starring Andrea Rosen, Ben Lerman, Diane O'Debra, Juliet Jeske, Livia Scott and Frank Peffercorn, and starring the Besties House Band, Puss & Boots. 7:30 PM, $5 at the door.

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