Monday, April 19, 2010

My sister's dog got eaten by a bear,
Song of the Month tonight,
shout out to KATG

My sister's dog got eaten by a bear. RIP Jack Aulisio. He was a good dog. It happened a few days ago in North Carolina and I'm still really sad about it. My sister and brother in law have honey bees on their property so bears would sometimes linger nearby. Kinda scary, right? Jacky dog, protector of the property, lost the fight.


To switch out of sad gear, let's talk about music.

TONIGHT: I will play a new song for the SONG OF THE MONTH club at NYC TALENT SHOW, 308 Bowery, 10 PM. I will probably go on closer to 11ish. I will rock a new song called "Totes Inappropes" goin' out to Lauren Hennessey. Watch LIVE at and VOTE for the song on my twitter account or FB page. Just comment "I like it" if you like it, or do nothing if you don't. Or email me feedback. The song with the most votes will get sent to the SONG OF THE MONTH club as an mp3 via email.

I'm making a new album so I could really use all of your suggestions and feed back!!

If you are NOT in the SONG OF THE MONTH club and would like to be, email subject: SONG OF THE MONTH to jess delfino at yahoo dot com and join the ding dang club! It's still free  for the time being, and it's an excellent, premiere time waster.

A shout out to Keith, Chemda and the crew, friends and fans of KATG for an awesome, awesome weekend. L' Chaim, peeps.

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