Wednesday, April 7, 2010

HAIK U GLENN BECK, Rosetto Stonoli

It's always so much fun to be on the Keith & The Girl podcast, it's like hanging out with friends and having a funny conversation, but a jillion people can hear you. Yesterday was a really long one, we talked it out for realz. God those two make me laugh, sometimes in a bad way. You can hear it all for free at Also, a shout out to all the new "Song Of The Month" club members! Joining the JD SOTM club is free and easy. It means you get a free song (usually mp3, sometimes a link) emailed to you every month. You also get discounts to shows and other perks. It's a win - win -- I get to share my music and you get free stuff. 

Here's how it works: I try out a new song at Diane O'Debra and Victor Varnado's Talent Show every Monday at 10 pm. Of the four or five songs I try out in a month, the best one makes it to Song Of The Month club email blast. The "best one" is determined by feedback, so either attend every Monday at 10 PM at 308 Bowery, or tune in to Talent Show on Ustream (you can learn more by following @NYCTalentShow on This past Monday, I sold 2 CDs and got a great response from "I'm Proud To Be A Nerd", which was the Song Of The Month for March. I wonder what song will win for April? 

At the end of the year, the songs will be compiled into a new album. I can't wait to share the new jams with the world. To join, email jessdelfino at yahoo dot com, subject: SONG OF THE MONTH.

To see up coming up shows, check out the schedule on the right column of this blog -- a few really great ones for April are the always fabulous Skits'N'Tits on Wednesday, April 14th, 10 pm, and my new Besties show with Andrea Rosen, Ben Lerman, Diane O'Debra and others, which has a kickin' house band that sings songs about friends and other rock jams, Thursday April 22 at 8 pm at The Slipper Room. More info here / confirm you're coming on facebook so I know to dress up and wash my special parts.

Hey, got a beef with Glenn Beck? "Haik U" him. My haiku, last I checked, was rated 5th. I don't know what that means, but there were a lot of haikus, so 5th is either closest to being the best or closest to being the worst. Pop in, write your own damn haiku, and give mine a thumbs up, for the balls of it. Why not.

Finally, congrats to my friend Jena Friedman for having her Rosetto Stonoli video on the front page of and Atom yesterday, starring thank you very much, ME, also comedians Dave Hill and Elna Baker. I think it was the mom-to-be look I touted with the glasses and yellow sweater that gave it that final push into awesomedom. Check out the vid HERE and vote it funny or I punchy punchy. 


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