Monday, April 26, 2010


I'll be singing my new song tonight, country-esque ballad, "Workin' On A Sunday" about the plights of, ya know, working on the lord's day, which is inspired by what I find myself doing nearly every stinkin' week. 

This song will go live across the interweb around 10:45 PM. The show starts at 10:30 and I'll be going up just a few acts in, so don't miss it! Watch live at with your hosts Victor Varnado and Diane O'Debra. Or attend! It's $3 to get in, 308 Bowery @ Houston. Be there or I will do nothing about it at all. 

AND PLEASE VOTE to the right hand side of this blog for your favorite song -- it takes two seconds and if you don't vote, I might send you a song you don't want called George Bush. 

PS -- NEW Song of the Month CLUB CARD!! To get yours, join the club, send your mailing address, and don't be a wiener and NOT JOIN or send your mailing address. Isn't it cute? I drew it myself. Below, you can see the front and back, which when folded, makes one full complete card. Don't use this at an ATM machine, all you will get is pennies and maybe a stick of gum. 


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