Wednesday, April 28, 2010

SO MUCH TO DO TONITE, Comedy Central considers Delfino
Fun show on Thurs, ask for details

If you don't know what to do tonight, check out this laundry list of fun stuff: 

* How I Learned at Happy Ending, 8 PM, FREE
* Kong Magazine Party, 7 PM, FREE
* ComedySmack at Caroline's
* Crazy crafts show / reading at Housing Works, 7 PM, FREE
* Comedy show at 1st and 1st
* Adira Amram at Fontana's? (I think)

And in other news: 

I'm focusing a lot on writing new music / recording a new album. For more info, send an email to jess delfino at yahoo dot com with the subject: SONG OF THE MONTH. 

I just sent my last CD, "I Wanna Be Famous" to Comedy Central per their request, in the hopes that they will produce my next CD. How can you help? Email and ask for more info. 

THIS THURSDAY NIGHT I'm performing in a really neat private show / taping in downtown NYC. Wanna come? Email me for the details -- I can't list it on my blog because it is not open to the public, but I can give away 3 sets of tickets for 2. 

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