Wednesday, April 21, 2010

 Yesterday, Tomorrow

Yesterday I spent the day running errands -- boring, right? No! It was actually kind of fun. It was 4/20, national pot smokers day, and I had a great time walking around, injecting paranoia into the lives of all the stoners on the street with some well-placed dramatic glances amid picking up recycling bags at Duane Reade and dropping letters into the mail box. Was I a spy? Their parent's friend? Or just a creep? They may never know. 

In the evening, I performed at a reading show called Kiss'N'Tell at Madame X. I never know what to expect when I do a show for the first time -- is this going to suck? Or should I have shaved my legs for this one and maybe brought a few extra CDs? Last night was the latter, but I was prepared with accidental freshly shaved legs and a handful of CDs in the bright pink Dickie gig bag my guitar lives in. What a terrific show. This is one for my peeps -- true tales all about sex, ranging in slightly ribald to downright filthy dirty. I even had a few accidental surprise friend sightings which is always fun, and made some new pals, too -- people who are not afraid to talk about jollies and ya yas and what not. My people, indeed. 

Tomorrow is the 2nd episode of my monthly show, BESTIES. If you were there for the first show, thanks for coming -- this one is going to be even bigger and better with a new, large handmade SIGN, a full BAND called PUSS & BOOBS starring myself and Lauren Oppelt on DOUBLE VOCALS like Heart -- awesome!! -- also guests ANDREA ROSEN, BEN LERMAN, DIANE O'DEBRA, LIVIA SCOTT, FRANK PEFFERCORN & JULIET JESKE. It's a show about friendship!

Slipper Room * 167 Orchard St. @ Stanton
$5 at the door

Bring friends, meet my friends, and make new friends.

Special thanks to one of my fave blogs, The Lo Down Lower East Side blog for featuring my show on yesterday's lo down!!! And a shout out to for listing the show!! Thanks guys, you sure know how to make a girl smile...down there.

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