Monday, April 5, 2010


You can catch me at the Burly-Q Revue show at Slipper Room, 67 Orchard St. @ Stanton St. (F to 2nd Ave) at 8 pm, $5 with Shane Webb and lots of other beauties, too.

Then, you can catch me performing my brand new SONG OF THE WEEK tonight, at Talent Show, hosted by Diane O'Debra and Victor Varnado, 308 Bowery, at 10 PM for $3. The idea of SONG OF THE WEEK is to get me in the habit of writing a new song every week. They can't all be winners, but odds are whatever I come up with will be better than a lot of the crap you hear on the radio. It used to be SONG OF THE MONTH but I've upped the ante. Join the club by emailing jess delfino at yahoo dot com, subject: SONG OF THE MONTH. You will receive the best of the four new songs of the month, every month, which will be determined by the responses of the Talent Show audience. No big deal, but, free music.

If you'd like to know where I'm going to be on a regular basis without having to make a concerted effort to read my blog on the daily, (ya big baby) sign up for my monthly newsletter, "The Monthly Visitor" by emailing Jess delfino at yahoo dot com, subject: The Monthly Visitor, or if you'd like to keep track of my sassy lines whenever you please, just keep up on me by following me on Twitter HERE.

I hope to see you somewhere tonight or this week, be it on the street, in an elevator, on TV, waving at me from a helicopter, a chance run in at the grocery store or WHAT have you.

PS -- Hey, do you have a few words to say to Glenn Beck? Give him the what for at Haik U, Glenn Beck! My Haiku:

Glenn Beck, why so vexed?
You seemed cooler back when you
were in the Yardbirds

Click HERE to give mine a thumbs up if you like it, which is nice of you, because it makes me look good, check out others or post your own. 


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