Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Open Letter To BP

This is a letter I sent to BP's press contact, after I visited their website. I was beyond dismayed to find that there was no apology in plain view on the website. Please feel free to copy this email and send it to BP, yourself. Will it work? Let's see what happens!

To: BPpress@BP.com

BCC: US Senator Charles Schumer, US Senator Kirsten Gillibrand, Representative Jerrold Nadler, Representative Nydia Velazquez, NY Times, NY Magazine, The Lo Down Lower East Side NYC Blog, NY Post, Mara Haseltine, Gothamist.com, Gawker.com, NY Press, Crains NY, Time Out NY, Paste Magazine, Clear Magazine, Downtown Express, NY Post, Daily News,MSNBC, SoHo Journal, FHM Magazine, Art Cat, Flavorpill.net, The Villager, Gay City News, NY Blade, Morgan Spurlock, Fox News, Red Eye With Greg Gutfeld, Pitchfork Media, Grand Street News, Venus Magazine, NY1, The Brooksville Belle and other esteemed members of the press and arts community

Open Letter To BP

To Whom It May Concern: 

I wish the subject were a real headline, and it easily can be. 

Please consider placing a large, permanent apology to the world in a large, bold font at the top of BP's website homepage and on every page of BP's website. Frankly, I'm shocked that there is not one in plain view. If it is because BP is not sure what to write, may I suggest, "We are intensely sorry for the potentially permanent damage and destruction that our carelessness has caused to the planet", or something to that effect.

I would like to recommend that BP own up to this mistake with more gusto. I believe it will help society to be slightly more forgiving of this dire situation.

I personally find the lack of a frank and bold apology in plain view on your website to be a direct insult to the entire planet. 

Jessica Delfino

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