Sunday, May 2, 2010

The Room @ Zeigfeld

This event has been so over covered. I'm just glad I got to hang out with friends, because it was pretty overwhelming to be in the middle of that mess. My ex, Kurt Metzger, introduced Tommy Wiseau and Greg Sestero before the movie, and his current gf Karen (who yes, I'm friends with) and her friend Jessie were the lovely ladies on either side of Tommy, his black beauties. Tommy talked for a minute and then answered about a dozen questions, such as, "What is in your cargo pants pockets?" (Answer: It's personal!) 

The gals escorted Tommy out of the theater afterwards, as the Room-"honoring" video which starred Kurt, comedians Jay Oakerson and Rachel Feinstein, among others, played on the big screen, complete with an amazing video / music re-mix of Tommy (Johnny) saying, "I did not hit her, I did not!" I smell a summer jam. 

The entire movie screening, Greg and Tommy were in the lobby, meeting friends and fans, getting interviewed, having their photos taken, etc. while I sat in my little enclave of pals, nervous-ate popcorn, winced, laughed, gasped, and tossed the hell out of some spoons. (The set is oddly decorated with framed spoons, so whenever a spoon is spotted, the audience would launch hundreds of plastic spoons into the air. It was an amazing sight to behold.) 

After the movie, the line stretched around the block of people waiting to get pics and hugs from Tommy and Greg. This was at 2:30 or so am. 

I've heard of the movie for awhile now, and even introduced the film at a Kong Magazine screening a few months ago, but I was hosting and managing 2 floors of events, and thus, I couldn't really watch the entire movie. So it was technically the first time I got to see the film in its' entirety.

I am not really a mob mentality type, but I must admit, I'm hooked. I see the appeal. Not since "Can't Stop The Music" starring Steve Guttenberg have I seen something so magical. Not since "Ghostbusters" have I seen a movie so quotable. It's so loveably bad that it couldn't possibly be an accident. Or is it simply impossible to be that good on purpose? I'd like to see Quentin Tarantino pull it off. 

Either way, do yourself a favor -- Go see it at a late night screening next week at Village East. If you live in the woods, buy it on DVD, invite a gaggle of pals over on a Friday night, and recreate the magic at home. 

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