Monday, July 26, 2010

Monday, July 26

Monday Rendezvous
Bar on A, Ave A @ 11th
8 PM - no admission
free show, free cookies, happy hour cheap booze,
I don't want to hear any excuses, just go.

I present a new song every week in
"New Song Monday"
@ NYC Talent Show
Diane O'Debra & Victor Varnado host this fun show.
10 PM - $3
or watch live online

I'll be there wearing something cute. I'll put effort in to make sure I look good. I'll probably put on some lip gloss, tossle my hair romantically, and perhaps I'll even don some earring or a hat. Come and compliment me on how pretty I look, how funny my song was, how I should be the mother or god mother of your children. I'll be there, waiting for your generous sentiments.

Don't let me down.

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