Thursday, August 12, 2010


Don't miss it, America, it's gonna be out of control amazing. If you were at Skits'N'Tits last night, you saw a great show. Now tonight at BB King's, you get a chance to see another awesome show, or to make up for missing a terrific show last night.

Tonight myself and a randy crew of gay-ish rapists are going to dance to a song I play on my customized rape whistle. I won the Arlene's Grocery Gong Show a few years ago, now it's time for me to take this one, too. I need to see your smiling faces there so do come out for what promises to be an insanely awesome show, and when I say insane, I mean it! You will not be disappointed or leave feeling un-entertained.

More info here, see you tonight at 8, don't be late!

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