Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Good Stuff Alert

Though I miss Diane O'Debra dearly, her absence means that I get to host the terrific NYC Talent Show with Victor Varnado for a couple weeks til she gets back. Last night I hosted my first week after a very long day hangin' with Mr. Larry David, playing a feisty onlooker on the set of Curb Your Enthusiasm. It was the first time in awhile that I've won the writing contest and the drinking contest back to back, but I'm pretty proud and excited to say, take that, world. I proved something to no one, except myself, and that is that I can still pound a beer and fashion a witty retort.

Being on the set of Curb Your Enthusiasm was a long and exhausting day, and just a totally amazing experience. We filmed in Harlem and pretended it was the Upper East Side. I met two new cool pals and I met Larry David! There were a lot of outrageous neighborhood peeps watching and participating in their own hilarious ways. I will be going back on Friday to finish the scene.

I am pretty excited about a few fun things coming up, specifically the terrific Skits'N'Tits at Bowery Poetry Club, NYC, next Wed. Aug 11th, and The Gong Show at BB King's next Thursday, August 12th. We will miss Diane a lot, this is the first Skits show I've ever done without her and only the 2nd show we've done not as a trio since I joined the show over a year ago. She may report via Skype, so there's a chance she may be there after all. We will also be wishing Shappy farewell and good luck as he relocates to another major city, and fare well to PBR as a show sponsor. So it will be a bittersweet show but full of fun and funny, as always.

In closing for this brief entry, check out my fashion column I wrote for the fabulous website, The Collared Sheep. And if you're up late tonight with a dark sky overhead, don't forget to look out for the Aurora Borealis, which experts are saying in a rare episode may be seen as south as New York City.

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