Friday, August 20, 2010

Ugghhh, last day of vacay

It is indeed that day in which I have to look around me and take in all I can for to spread among my memory banks once I return to the stinky city I call home. This week has been so amazing, almost magical in its' perfection. We stayed in a huge beach house like we were rich people. One of my favorite features is it's gorgeous outdoor shower. It is just a day dream away from the beach (one block). Every day I tanned and swam, (my boobs are ghostly white) ate sinfully good food (ice cream almost every night) and went on adventures. I even had some Belinda Carlisle-esque sexy beach photos taken of myself rolling around in the waves in a bikini which I may or may not post, we'll see. I've never had a vacation before so this was a new thing for me. Usually I'm traveling somewhere to rock an audience and while I'm there I take in the sights. But after this, vacation is going to become a new yearly ritual for me. My mind has been made up.

On Wed I did a show at Coffee Comedy in Sea Isle City about 10 minutes away which was a lot of fun. 16 of my boyfriend's family members made the trek to see what their son / nephew / cousin / uncle / etcs girlfriend's 'little show' is all about. I had a respectable set in front of the sold out show (thanks in part to my built in bringer crowd) and lived to tell the tale. Matt McCarthy (funny red head from the cable commercials) was there to headline. He did a great set about stabbing everyone in the audience paired with a Kaufman-esque bit about the state drinks of each of the 50 states (mostly milk).

This woman in the audience still has me reeling. It's amazing how some people make it to adulthood with their creepy antisocial behavior. I'll quickly say what happened, because this story really doesn't deserve the blog-width. We asked a yuppie lady sitting front and center politely if she could move her chair over because she was blocking the camera, and she responded by aggressively staring blankly at us for an uncomfortably long time, moving her chair directly in front of us in a very confrontational way, then asking snidely if that was better. We were dumbfounded at her icky-ness and amused by the reality of it. We decided to just ignore her, and Matt let her have it once or twice during his set. But her weird behavior was so disturbing it stayed with me. I mean, what kind of animal does that?

Annnnny way, besides that bizarre interaction, the night was mostly great. There were a few ladies in their 80s in the audience and of course, they loved my set a lot. The old people in the audience always love me! I think I'm going to start doing geriatric shows, because that is really my audience. Young people and college kids and stuff are often too politically correct and uptight. But old people are where it's at. They've seen and done everything and my songs are reminders of the prohibition era and how crazy they were when they were young (unless they're overly religious). So stay tuned for my Golden Oldies tour, coming soon to a nursing home near you.

In closing, I don't want to go home, I want to take over this house like a squatter and become the Grey Gardens of Avalon, NJ. But I guess I'll probably just go back to NYC. My next show is this coming Monday, Monday Rendezvous at Bar on A where I will host, and then onto New Song Monday at Talent Show at 10 PM, 308 Bowery, where I will play a new song I wrote this week. See ya there, ya silly Sams and Sallies.

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