Thursday, September 23, 2010

Andy Kaufman Submission

I wasn't going to submit again this year, after being a finalist, performing in the awards 3 times and having great sets every year but not winning. But I keep getting accepted to perform in it, so I guess that's a good thing. This year, I'm trying something a little different. This submission is different than the pieces I have prepared for the show before, and all of them are new and a departure from what I normally do on stage, which is sing dirty songs and tell jokes.

In this one, I do a dance piece as a character who is a modern dance grad presenting a dance piece in which she talks a friend out of committing suicide.

Enjoy, ya raggamuffins. Share it with your dancer friends or anyone you know who is considering committing suicide. Maybe it will be just the thing they need to see to push them over the edge.

Update: The Japanese have gotten hold of this video and posted it on a Japanese website! Hurrah! I love the Japanese people. They get me. Unless I'm wrong and the website isn't Japanese at all, and is in fact, Chinese or something else. I hope I know my asian characters better than that. Here's the link. Can someone tell me?

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