Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Vatooing Top 10 list on FunnyNotSlutty.com,
Show tonight, Fiat commercial,
a sweet mention in Sadie Magazine

I'm psyched to share this funny list with you. I helped! Reasons 1-5 were squeezed fresh from my melon. That was a euphemism for my brain. Top 10 Reasons Vatooing is better than Vajazzling on FunnyNotSlutty.com.

TONITE, Tue Sept. 21, come see me rock out.

The Rover
41 Wooster St. 2nd FL
(btw Grand and Broome Sts)
NY, Ny 10013
8 PM, Tix are $10

JD in a Fiat Commercial

I'm wicked (Maine-style) excited (and kind of tripped out) to announce that I'm in an international Fiat car commercial playing my guitar in front of an NYC subway station. Awesome! If you see the commercial, (I'm in it for a few seconds, flashing a peace sign at the camera) drop me a line and let me know! And for those of you who are excited to see it - fret not! I'll post it as soon as I can. I'd also like to give a shout out to the terrific Heather Fink for her help.

Lastly, check out this awesome magazine that totally rocks and is so lady-riffic it's melting my ovaries. They, and by "they", I mean SADIE MAGAZINE mentioned me in the intro as an inspiration, for which, I'm super flattered and delighted. It's actually inspiring right back to be called someone's inspiration (among a list of other really terrific people, too) so thanks to them for that little ego massage and lots of luck to them. Encourage them, they look like they're doing awesome stuff.

Check back soon, new song up pronto! It's a really dirty one, too.

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