Wednesday, September 8, 2010

A Love Song To All Men

This song is a real tear jerker, and by that, I mean a song you can masturbate to using your own tears. It's also to make up for writing a song last month that joyously discusses enslaving the male species. Enjoy!

This song is part of my new song workshopping / fan club called "Song of the Month" where I try new songs out to friends / supporters / admirers / haters / frienemies / etc. The best ones (based on your feedback) will make it to my new album. I try them out every Monday at 308 Bowery at 10 PM, and you can watch live at for free. The ones I like / that get good feedback, I work on more, and post to my Youtube page for your enjoyment.

To become a member (free) of the Song of the Month club, which pays you with show discounts, special surprises and free music and my undying appreciation, email me at jessdelfino at yahoo dot com or LIKE my Facebook page. Thanks!!!

PS -- Bored tonight? Come to Skits'N'Tits, 308 Bowery @ Houston, 10 PM, $8 at the door. SOTM club members get a discount to tonights show! Tickets are $5 for SOTMers.

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