Friday, September 3, 2010

Fri, Sept. 3
10 PM
Philly Fringe Fest Late Night Cabaret
Jessica Delfino + Philadelphia = Philadelfino!

It's gonna be a butt kickin', bed bug stompin, rape whistle-riffic time, so pack your bags lightly with drugs and wear thick socks to prevent blisters from all the dancing and ass kickery this night is going to provide for you.

With Madi DiStefano (we met in Edinburgh a few years ago when she WON the friggin' thing) and a bunch others, including Martha Graham Cracker, Little Bunny Voodoo and Lenny Haas as Fifi Flaubert from NAKED COCKTAIL, and don't forget about me, little Miss Jessica Delfino. The show sounds great, doesn't it? Plus, it's FREE! Philadelphia Freedom, indeed. Tonight at the Ruba, 10 PM, 414 Green Street. I also heard something about there being an open stage after?

Wear your tropical storm downgrade trousers and don't be late!

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