Monday, September 13, 2010

Kurt & Kristen's Hot Tub


Hey birds, tonight bring your dogs to the 1st Annual Puppy Hugging Parade and 9/11 Memorial at Kurt & Kristen's Hot Tub show. The show is always fun, without dogs, parades or 9/11. But tonight will be extra fun, because there will be dogs, a parade and 9/11. A lot of people have asked me if dogs will be let into the venue. I don't know. You may want to call Littlefield in advance to ask. (718) 855-3388. I'm going to be in the parade marching band, which will be a rag tag collection of lots of lovable music nerds. I will playing my Q-chord and it will be lots of fun!

Littlefield is located at 622 Degraw, Brooklyn, NY.
I'm told that's the Park Slope area.

Here's more info about tonight's show:

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