Monday, December 6, 2010

Do me a quick favor...

People write to me all the time, asking me, "When are you coming to Florida / LA / Georgia / Iowa / Austin / New Hampshire / Chicago / MY TOWN?"

Great question! And thanks for the ego boosting emails! But for realz, do you want me to totes come to your city this year? Then fill out this questionnaire and email the results to: I've made some suggestions for you below, in parenthesis. If you do this in high enough numbers and with enough zeal and enthusiasm, you will be rewarded for your hard work by seeing me in YOUR CITY in 2011. Please do this asap! Today! It will take you 3 minutes and it will make me really happy. Thank you.

1) Who was your favorite headliner on Lilith 2010? (Whatever you want to write)

2) Which artist would you like to see headline Lilith 2011? (What ever you want to write)

3) What other Artists would you like to see on the Lilith 2011 line-up? (JESSICA DELFINO)

4) What cities and venues should Lilith visit in 2011? (Please suggest both) (YOUR CITY)

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