Friday, December 10, 2010

The Continuing Story of Carla Rhodes
with special guest: ME
@ Arlene's Grocery, 8 PM

and BUSHWICK BAZAAR in Bushwick, Brooklyn
3 PM

If you haven't seen "The Continuing Story of Carla Rhodes" yet, get your booty out the door and check it out this Sunday. It's a great show full of puppetry, full band-itry and drinkery. Arrive early or stand in the back! I'll do a small piece in Carla's show at 8 PM and then do a whole solo set later at 9 PM. I hope to see your (smiling, frowning or otherwise) face there.

For some early afternoon fun, head over to Bushwick Bazaar. What is it, you ask? Well let me elaborate with the creator's own scribe (NOTE: FREE BEER). Also, I will be doing tarot readings and may sing some songs.

On Sunday December 12 at 3pm, the BUSHWICK BAZZAR will be riddled with this and that; cool people, art, crafts, local food, FREE BEER, and evening musical and comedy performances. You can also get your tarot read and maybe find out what your life's been missing...

BUSHWICK BAZAAR is located at 1342 Dekalb, near the intersection of Dekalb/Central/Myrtle (The Devils Palm) - it's a brand new space that needs to be filled with creators, creatives, performers and teachers.

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