Sunday, December 26, 2010

It's been a great year together - let's make 20 double 1 even better

For a good handful of years now, I've been writing demented songs that have put smiles and / or frowns on your faces and the faces of people close to you. I've been publicly denounced by the US Catholic League, I've traveled the world and rocked your town / city / state / country. I've entertained you and horrified your parents / neighbors / religious leaders. And what an utter blast it has been.

I don't have a big powerful music label behind me supporting what I do. Everything I do is paid for by me. All the press I get - I get it for me. All the songs I write are written by me, not the hit factory or Dr. Luke. Even my CDs are designed by me, I drew that unicorn you see. I am a one woman band / business. It's a great way to live my life and I'm thrilled to be able to eat / drink and survive this way, but I do have help -- I have generous friends and fans out there who keep buying my demented CDs and egging me on.

Thank you so much for doing that. Please don't stop. Here are some ways that you can help keep dirty folk rock rocking forever, and some ways don't cost even one cent.

1. Buy CDs / mp3s. I get most of the money from any iTunes / ReverbNation / paypal sales. I love you for doing this.

2. Tell your friends about my music. Share your CDs. Send them to friends for birthdays and holidays and to soldiers in Iraq, strangers you hate, give them out to homeless people or your friends who work in entertainment. If you are a big shot, hire me to write a song for your movie or to play at your kid's bat mitzvah or to be in some TV show you're producing. I promise to be awesome.

3. If you ever see an article or piece of press about me, like it, share it through Facebook, Twitter, your blog, etc. Comment on it. Say anything at all - say there is a monkey robbing cookies out of your cabinet, I don't care. Just comment. Let the world know that people (you) are reading and paying attention when they write about me.

4. Email me and invite me to perform at shows / events that you know about. Tell me about your friends / relatives who produce / book festivals / TV shows / etc. Introduce me to them via email.

5. Donate to my PayPal in any amount - $1 or $1000. The money in my PayPal account goes directly back into my music and performing. You can do that at jess delfino at yahoo dot commmm through

6. Come to my shows and bring friends.

7. Read my blog every day. Send the link to friends. "Follow" the blog. This shows bigger labels (read: people with money) that I have a following - YOU.

8. Collaborate with me - let's make a video, write a song together, try something new. This broadens the output of what we make for both of us.

9. Keep loving my dirty mouth and encouraging me -- this makes me want to write new songs for you and never stop making the world an even more deliciously twisted place.

If you do any of those things, I will be able to sing dirty delicious demented funny songs for the rest of my life, which is the goal.

Thank you a million.

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