Monday, December 13, 2010


Bowery Pop Up Store opens 6 PM +
BTK Band set @ 9 PM

It's another busy night in Delfino land where there is no rest for the retarded. I clearly take on too much but I feel that is why I'm in NYC. When I'm old and decrepit I can look back on these days and hopefully not kick myself for not spending more time with my family or whatever.

6 PM: BPC's cafe is being turned into a makeshift holiday pop up shop. Come buy some indie hand crafted holiday goods including jewelry, cards, ornaments, shrines and more, all home made. Also, enjoy the art opening with works by Sam Jablon. If you have crafts to sell, please get in touch asap. jess delfino at yahoo dot commmm. For more info about the pop up shop, visit

9 PM: While the BPC pop up shop will go until at least 8 PM, to be followed by Bingo, and possibly stay open into the weee hours (midnight), I'll head over to Under St. Marks to do a nice leisurely demented song set with BTK band. Come join the merry. They combine storytelling, improvisation and live music, so that's guaranteed to be nifty.

This is funny - I'm filming a segment for Bravo TV today with one of the Real Housewives. I'll let you know how it goes.

See you after a while, crocodiles.

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