Friday, January 28, 2011

Yours truly graces the pages of today's New York Times!

The past few days have been good ones -- I got to do yoga two days in a row, I've doing lots of comedy (2 great sets last night at Comix and Gotham Improv) and though I think I may have strained my taint, I am feeling very good today, even more so after the terrific news that I'm in today's New York Times! I've been quoted and photographed as part of Erzsi Pongo's "Pongo Power Funny Fitness" comedy show. Liam McEneaney also has a funny quote in the story. Read the whole ding dang thing here.

Every performer, comedian and human who likes success and achievement in general strives for recognition and appreciation in this life time. And I am not only no different, but probably an example of a person who strives for those things in even more slightly shameful amounts, levels that might make god cry. So this makes my day, indeed.

A special thanks to Amanda Petrusich and Daniel Barry for the story and photo.

My next big show is 2/14, details are here and of course you can always find upcoming show details on my website,

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