Wednesday, January 26, 2011

YOGA does not BLOWGA! Who knew?
Everyone except for me.

My friend turned me on to free Yoga at the new pop up Park Here in NoLIta (is that the right combination of capital and lowercase letters? I'm not sure. And why aren't they just called biggsie letters and smallsie letters, anyway?) and it blew my freakin' mind.

I have been doing my own kind of yoga for awhile now, ya know, strange looking stretches that slightly resemble something that could be yoga in a weird alternate universe where people who look and act just like us also do yoga, and I have to admit, I'm pretty good at not doing yoga. I can do odd split like things and back breaking bridge looking bend type poses that are probably giving me cancer as I type this. But I haven't really ever yet been to a yoga class. Until today.

OK, so I went to one yoga class once but I was so intimidated by all the cool skinny hipsters (this is when I was a much less secure person) that me and my big butt just kind of loitered in the back like a lesbian stalker, silently flatulating to myself.

But this class I went to today, which I suppose was sponsored by YogaWorks because they handed me a card afterwards, gave me just the amount of challenging butt kicking meets creative stab in the guts that I've been looking for. It was hard, it was soft, it hurt, it felt so right. I never want to do not yoga again. That is to say, I do want to do yoga forever. Yoga, now that I've found you (about 10 years after the recent popularity curve) I am yours. And I am a very loyal friend.

BONUS: I ran into Jessie Cantrell there (and we had a little improvisational fun). She was recording a comedy piece for her new regular Fox 5 NEWS videos, "That's How Jessie Sees It" -- GO JESSIE!!

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