Thursday, February 3, 2011


I can't even get clever with this entry's title, and why should I when it's so very simple? I've had a lot of negative thoughts and reservations about the NYC subway system since the first day I moved to NYC. Now and then they come up in conversation - the cheap rip off stunts they pull, secret pay raises behind closed doors, misspending of public funds, the filth and over crowding and that's not all - but now it is time to let my vitriol fly, bloggie style.


The reasons are so many and so plentiful, as mentioned above. They rip off commuters left and right, every chance they get. They are a goliath that we have to depend on, there is barely a way around them. I ride my bike almost everywhere I can because of this and have for years. I give the MTA as little money as I possibly can. But recently I got a job that made it necessary for me to purchase a monthly card, as I'd have to take the subway at least 4 times a day, which frankly, was almost a deal breaker. Now, how about that. I think the MTA sucks so badly, I'd almost rather keep being poorer than I am versus ride the subway. THAT'S SOMETHING TO THINK ABOUT, MTA.

So, not used to carrying a monthly Metrocard, what did I do? I LOST MINE. I had it for about 3 weeks and one time in a rush, I put it in my pocket and I guess it fell out. I called the MTA last week to notify them that I'd lost it. It was a Friday after 5 and they said to call back M-F 9-5. I was actually relieved and impressed that they offered a refund on lost cards. Wow! An improvement! A sign of intelligence in this seemingly otherwise behemoth cavalcade of idiots and con artists. I couldn't wait til Monday to call. Well, the busy week overtook me, and I forgot to call for a few days, but that wouldn't matter, right? Since I know they check my credit card, I know they have the date of when I purchased it and thus, it's serial number, hence they can find out when the last time I used it was. Great! So when I finally got around to calling, the woman on the other end, who, to her credit was really sweet and nice, told me that they could only credit me back with what was left on the card as of our phone conversation. Well, there was one day left. They don't do the reasonable, normal, fair thing and check back to the last time it was used. They simply jack you. OF COURSE.

So, instead of getting back the $25 the MTA could have, should have returned to me, a struggling artist who they continually rip off so they can drive fancy cars and live in big houses, I am getting back $3.

WHAT CAN YOU DO IF YOU ARE EVER IN THIS SITUATION: They give you the opportunity to leave a message if you call after hours. What they don't tell you, is, you HAVE to leave a message to start counting the day you lost the card. So if you lose your card, call every 5 minutes and leave a message so that you can verify you definitely called. $3! What a joke. That's enough for ONE RIDE. Last time I checked, a day pass was $8. I don't even know if they do day passes any more. But if they did, $3 vs. $8 doesn't quite add up.

But then again, NONE of the MTA's numbers ever add up, do they? Isn't that their whole problem?

To go along with their big houses and fancy livin, maybe they should spend some of our stolen cash on some good math tutors.

And in closing,

the MTA.

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