Tuesday, March 29, 2011

for Ms. Delfino
For starters, I'm in this past Sunday's NY Post 150 best jests

I'm in super excellent company with dozens of my favorite comedians and some good pals, too. Though I check in late on the list with #133, I don't take it personally, because I'm sandwiched between such awesome peoples as Dave Hill, Bo Burnham, Rich Vos, Rachel Feinstein, Dom Irrera, Liz Miele and Claudia Cogan.

Next, my sense of style gets another high 5 from
the awesome ladies over at G.L.O.C.

The super hilarious Giulia Rozzi writes up my love of fabrics and colors in "I Love Your Style: The Jessica Delfino edition" -- don't forget to hit their hot party this Thursday night, 6-8 PM at 92Y TriBeCa. It's gonna be awesome! You will feel like a dunce if you miss it.

And one Mr. SOCE (that's Soce The Elemental Wizard)
put me in a cute Math whiz video he made.

Together, we have a conversation about the flying V's ukulele frets and how many possible chords there are, using math. It makes me sound way smarter than I actually am, thanks to the power of mathemagic.

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