Tuesday, April 5, 2011


If you've never been to Seth Herzog's SWEET show before, well, as Phil Collins famous quotes in his song, "Tonight," "Tonight tonight's the night, wooaaaahhhhh." If that's not enough to get your booty-licious bottom into a pair of trousers and out of the house, well, how about a little convincing from the song, "Tonight" from the play "West Side Story," in which it is sung, "Tonight, tonight, won't be just any night..."

Do you need more convincing? OK, how about a little Rod Stewart. "Tonight's the night", he famously warbles, "It's gonna be alright." Shall I go on? I will answer for you. No, I think I've made my point pretty clear. So buckle up those galoshes and tighten those boot straps or shoe laces. This is a great show and you will love it. I went one time and I saw Zach Gally-fun-khakis there. And I saw tons of other awesome and funny people there. And I'll see you tonight at:

9 Ave A, just North of Houston
8:30 PM

And tomorrow, I'll be at Scott Moran's Rubber Bullets -- this show is simply great. Free show, always a great line up. $2 and $3 drinks. I went one time and Louis CK was there. You will love-like it.

UC Lounge
87 Ludlow
btw Broome & Delancey
9 PM

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