Wednesday, May 11, 2011

JD Shows
-- Day 3 --

Still working out the kinks, but today we had Tanya O'Debra. I recorded and archived the show but I'm not sure if it was saved.

However, find more out about the awesomeness that is Tanya O'Debra here.

Today's show topics:

Kid Rock next Roastee (

Talking Funny HBO Special (

Yesterday I had the adorable Lady Adrienne who made really cute balloon animals and talked to us about her upcoming show "Love Is Blind" which looks, in a word, awesome.

Here's a cute still from our conversation yesterday where our interviewee is blindfolded, making balloon animals. Check out their website at and don't forget to catch their show -- a Time Out NY pick -- this Saturday night at 8 PM.

See you tomorrow:
10 AM EST - Strange Love
1:15 PM EST - The Jessica Delfino Show
Anything Goes channel,

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