Wednesday, May 11, 2011


I recorded a new episode of "STRANGE LOVE" today and it's pretty awesome. My guest cancelled at the last minute, so I found some great sexy headlines and talked about them for 20 minutes.

Today's topics / stories:

NYC's Playboy Club Was More Strict Than The Others (

New York Gov Drives Same-Sex Marriage Debate:

Sex Advice From Bridesmaids (

Kiddie porn accidentally submitted for funeral tribute(

Wanna see the episode?
Scroll down to the bottom, and click on "Strange Love" icon

Tune in tomorrow at 10 AM EST for STRANGE LOVE #3, and we'll see you later today at 1:15 PM for The Jessica Delfino Show with guest Tanya O'Debra.

It's easy to find - go to, go to the "Anything Goes" channel and click on "The Jessica Delfino Show" icon. See you there...

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