Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Wednesday - Hump Day announcements

I really dig this chic, Amy Schroeder. She runs Venus Magazine and also has spear-headed the DIY Business Association, which I love, love, love. What a great resource for so many of us working performers and small business owners in NYC.

Quick Business Tip: Always spell "business" correctly. It's a tricky word to spell, but just remember, in business, you gotta take the BUS sometimes. But you never have to ride the BUSS.

The first Brooklyn DIY Business Association Panel will be held on June 26, 2011 and I want you to be there. If you run a small business, if you are a DIY entrepreneur, artist, enthusiast, patron or anything else which you think fits into that category (so much fits in!) please save the date and be part of this landmark event.

You will hear encouraging words of business wisdom from some really amazing people, NOT JUST ME, but ALSO, me.

You can check it out HERE.

In other news, if you're sittin' around with your ding-a-ling in your hand tonight, may I suggest you check out the show I'm in, instead:

Luca Lounge
222 Ave B @ 12 st.
9 PM

Finally, next week starting on Monday, I'll be presenting 2 video podcasts a day for a new website called GabCast. It's gonna be pretty awesome. More details to come very soon!

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