Sunday, June 26, 2011

I Can Perform Gay Marriages In New York State

How cool! NY just passed gay marriage! My gay friends can now get married. It makes me so happy to be getting married next year and know that now my gay friends can get married, too.

I am officially a "high priestess" so lemme know if you want me to marry you, straight or gay, but especially if you're gay. Nothing would give me greater joy, but there may be some things out there that would give me at least equal joy.

This week is so exciting, there's so much going on. Today I spoke at the DIY Business Association Conference in Dumbo, brainchild of the very cool Amy Schroeder, and it was really terrific; so many cool and productive people out there. It was great to meet such an interesting cross section of clever creative types using their brains to pay the bills.

I've got two great shows coming up this week. This Tuesday at Fontana's in the LES, I'm emceeing a free trivia event with free food, sponsored by The LoDown and Tenement Talks:
And this Wednesday, I'm emceeing the NY Tech Comedy Ball sponsored by, which should be equally awesome. You can watch the video below to see more info.

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