Wednesday, August 10, 2011


My cat jumped up and knocked over my fluorescent mercury filled light the other day, breaking both my lamp and my lightbulb, spilling mercury all over my house.

After sweeping it up and probably getting mercury poisoning, I looked on Craigslist for a lamp -- that is where I find everything I need in life -- (if you don't know, I found my fiance there) -- and I found this listing offering a free original Tiffany lamp if you wrote a good poem. So I wrote this poem:

Ode To Light
by Jessica Delfino

"Light!" They say, He said out loud
"Let there be light!" He yelled out proud
And just like that, the lights turned on
And mountains came, and dusk, and dawn

And animals and bridges, too
And octopi and 2 Live Crew
And Amish people, turtles, rain
Australia, France, Chicago, Spain!

But light was somewhat primitive
Not yet a gift that we could give
At weddings or online for free
That would not come til, later, see

When Mister Edison came round
And others with a dream abound
Like Tesla and Sir Newton, too,
Ben Franklin, that whole thinking crew

They knew that sun light would not do
And fire was quite risky, too
There must, must be a better way
To light the night up like the day

They went to work and fought and learned
And countless hours of daylight burned
And finally they let there be light
Inside, outside, even at night

And now we have light everywhere,
We leave lights on without a care
My dad would yell, and say, "Woah, hey!
Don't leave the lights on, dammit! K?"

Oh, how it's changed so through the years
Been utilized, encouraged cheers
Enlightened homes, killed germs, quenched fears,
Lit up the stage for Britney Spears

Now I'll cease to pontificate
Yet, know, though switch flicks I create
Each time I smile at the sunrise
The beauty falls not on blind eyes

However, I was disappointed to receive this in reply:

Congratulations on being the runner up in our light poetry competition!
If you would like to pick up your consolation prize of a stained glass light bulb, please get in touch as soon as the rain lets up.

p.s. Your poem was fantastic but my alter ego [XXXXXXXX] felt she needed to disqualify you because she knows you in real life. What are the odds?


I could go on about how irritated that a person I don't know knows me and therefore disqualified me from winning a really gorgeous free light, but then, I guess you win some free Craigslist lights and you lose some free Craigslist lights.

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Anonymous said...

That was a fino poem and I'd like to see the "winner?". I think you have a contagious Spirit. Keep up the good work and consider yourself the winner you can shine yr own light...
(oh, one thing. The last couplet was not a good finish, my opinion. That is the one you save only for the journal entry. Like Anais Nin they'll find it 'later'.