Sunday, September 18, 2011

Ukuleles Are Fun (with Mermaids)

I wrote a new ukulele theme song
for the re-generation of uke lovers out there, keeping in mind the old timey uke sounds of yesteryear. It's called, "Ukuleles Are Fun (with Mermaids), and it's jaunty, fun, and PG clean, because I have lots of little new friends now who hear me on podcasts and then ask why I say bad words (Insert Kirstie Alley style bang blow here). I tell them it's because there's no Santa, and then I sip whiskey out of a flask, all Krusty the Clown like, that I keep hidden in a carved out bible.


I'm leaving tomorrow for a 5 day retreat in my home town in Maine to sit, write, drink wine, relax, swim, hang out in a boat or on a beach, get the crud eaten out of me by the skeeters, catch up with some old high school pals and write a ton of new songs and jokes. Well, that's the plan, anyway. I'll end off the ordeal with my sister's weekend Maine wedding, and then I'll scurry back to the city all refreshed and loose for two weeks until I need another vacation.

So if you don't see me online for a few days, I didn't quit social media, I'm just, like, in the woods, man, and I don't have modern devices like internet stations and cell phone operations. I can't wait. It gets so dark and quiet there it's like you're in outer space. Except you're not. You're in Maine.

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