Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Nerding Out:
A Few Good Words

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Today, I went to go visit a friend, and we sat on top of a beautiful roof deck way up high in the sky -- virtually dozens of feet above Manhattan.

During our lovely conversation over iced tea and some kind of ginger soup, he dropped the word "bucolic" on me. I expressed delight in his use of a big, fancy uncommon word. To me, cleverly executed verbiage is a giant turn on.

I *told* you I was a nerd.

At first, I thought I'd never heard the word before, but later when I looked it up on my trusty Mac dashboard dictionary, I recognized it.

adjectiveof or relating to the pleasant aspects of the countryside and country life : the church is lovely for its bucolic setting.
Calloo callay! What a word!!
It got me to thinking about words that I love for various reasons, so I compiled them together to share a list of some killer selections from the English lexicon.
ClobberDidacticSoliloquyJocundFeralTersePriggishUnfetteredTenacityShrillCretin (honorable mentions go to Obtuse and Retarded)SlogTraipse
OK, that's enough good words for now. Add the ones I forgot in the comments below.


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Anonymous said...

I always liked "Titanium" and thought it would be a good name for a boy. :)

Phil Bove said...

Your son would be nicknamed 'Tit' lol

Inge said...

favorite English word:


B F said...

Be careful...you juxtaposed jocund and feral, which could be mistakenly combined into fecund, one of English's most unfortunate words.