Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Who I Gave My CD To Yesterday

As we learned in my last blog post, I will give my CD to just about any perceived important celebrity type person who I can. As I mentioned before, I kind of use it like a business card, but it's so much more fun than a business card, what with songs any celebrity's grandmother would love.

But I especially love to put it into the hands of other musicians, comedy musicians and special general weirdos. And last night, I gave one to none other than Michael McKean (Spinal Tap. a million other things). What a treat for him that must have been! To have me slink over to him after his show at the Mercury Lounge and say, "That was great! Hey, I brought you a present!" in my most ambitiously confident voice that somehow still certainly came out as mousy and nervous.

He was very gracious, as they usually all are, and took my CD, exclaiming, "Yay, free stuff!"

I should have gotten a photo with him but I didn't. I get nervous sometimes. I'm only flesh and blood and guts underneath these lovely blue eyes and all this thick gorgeous hair.

So let's see what happens now - if my psychic powers are on, of course Michael McKean and I will probably start a new band together and write a bunch of great songs.

Here's an old Spinal Tap video of a song he played last night -- it was so awesome to see this performed live with Less The Band who shared the stage with him.

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