Tuesday, November 1, 2011

aka fun with Credit Card Companies

I saw a twitter post yesterday that said to stick your credit card inquiries back into the reply all envelope and return them to the company just to send it back to where it came from, because they get charged by the ounce. I tried to find it to post it here and give them credit, but I've gotten about 40,000 tweets since then and can now no longer find it.

I liked the idea, and have done similar fun business reply mail pranks, ie, sending people I dislike subscriptions of horrible magazines (such as NAMBLA Weekly, yuck yuck) or when President Bush was fund raising, I'd sign up on his mailing list just to waste their campaign funds, not like it really affected them too much, they are as rich as or possibly richer than Satan.

But it was fun to do and gave me that "stick it to the man" inner glow that keeps me looking and feeling my best.

So, yesterday when I saw that tweet, I put it in my brain case for later, and later was today, when I got 2 credit card solicitations in my mail box. I decided, maybe I can use that logic to get removed from their mailing list without having to call and sit on the phone with them for 45 minutes, getting transferred from one sad phone operator to the next having to tell my story 15 times in a row to do something simple, like get removed from a mailing list.

Enjoy, use, pass it on.

This is one of my fun, little ways of "Occupying Wall Street". I'd like to hear what kinds other people do and join forces to create a great big book of social pranks.


LORMO said...

I just did this today too! I just scrawled "NO THANKS" on it though. STICKING IT TO THE MAN!

Clara said...

I did it too, thanks for sharing this great tip! I'm always going to do this from now on.