Saturday, February 11, 2012

Here I am at Rubulad a few years ago, dressed kind of like a more downsy Britney Spears-y

Attention all "Rubu-lads"
Tonight is RUBULAD!

For those of you who like to go to parties and have fun in NYC, perhaps the Meatpacking District or Midtown or Lower East Side is your thing. And all of those are fine options, especially if you're a jock, a jock or a jock. But if you have never been to Rubulad yet, get your butt out to Brooklyn tonight. Below are some FAQ/C's: (Frequently Asked Questions / Complaints):

"But I hate going to Brooklyn"

We all do. Get in a cab with three friends, split the cost unless there's one rich friend with you who just always treats and consider it the best $3 you ever spent on public transportation.

"But it's in Brooklyn"

Manhattan on a Saturday night is pretty beat. If you're a real New Yorker, you know to go out on Wednesday or Thursday night when all the Jersey-ites are still in Jersey. It's in Brooklyn for a reason - to avoid the mess that is Manhattan on a Saturday night.

"But I hate hippies"

You got me there, you may stumble upon some hippies. But that is part of the beauty of this party, it's a real rainbow of personalities and there's literally something/one for everyone.

"I was just probably gonna stay home"

You should definitely just stay home.

"How much does it cost?"

From the facebook invite: "10 beans before 11:00 pm or way late; 15 in costume all night; 20 otherwise.

"What should I wear?"

The FB invite says, "Dress leather and lace, goggles and jiggles, bad boys and motorcycle mamas." But I strongly recommend and suggest letting your utter freak flag fly. Wear stuff that's too small, painted by hand, barely considered clothing or just be the yuppie you are and show up in a button down polo and pay the extra $5 to be a gawker at the party parade that is Rubulad.

"Is it fun? Will there be a lot of people there? What kind of people?"

It is fun. It is an NYC adventure, of old school proportions. Don't be underwhelmed by the "65 people going" tab, there will probably be about 500 people there, without exaggeration. There will be clever alcoholics, master jenga players, famous burlesquers, inventive drop outs, cat doctors, blind trumpet players, psychadelic kazoo makers, shady business women, oblivious mouth breathers, handsome Yale graduates, goth chefs, professional dog walkers, food painters, Atkins nutritionists, nouveau flappers and many other archetypes still yet to be uncovered.

"Will you be performing, Jessica?"

Yes. At midnight.

"Where can I find out more information?"

Great question. Check out the FB page HERE, also, here's the blurb from Jeff Stark's NonsenseNYC mailing list. If you are not on this mailing list, join it today. It's free and awesome. All details, including address and more are below. See you tonight!

***** Also on SATURDAY *****

Rubulad Presents: Va-Va-Vroom Valentine's

A sweet and dirty dance party with motorcycles. With live music by Lady Rizo and the Assettes, Viva's Rock 'n' Roll burlesque featuring Clams Casino and Anita Cookie. In the Motocross Lounge: Jessica Delfino, Kelvin Daly, and X and Y. Your DJs: celebrity DJ couple Shakey and Barney Iller and Reaganomics.

Plus G. Scopitronic's Non-Stop Slutty Biker Film Fest, Light Circus Extraordinaire by Norm Francoeur, Hot F***ing Tamales, Laura MacMillian's Monster Puppet Burlesque, and Delicious Dub Pies.

Dress leather and lace, goggles and jiggles, bad boys and motorcycle mamas. Our rules apply.

523 3rd Avenue between 12th and 13th streets, Brooklyn
10p doors, 11p show; $10 before 11p or way late, $15 in costume all night, $20 otherwise


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